Building Resilience - A Workplace Strategy

What Is Resilience?

Resilience is the ability to fully engage in life, recover from challenges, and, as a result, increase the capacity to thrive in the future.

How Can My Business Benefit from a Resilient Workforce?

  • Encourages better performance, productivity and job satisfaction, even in times of adversity
  • Amplifies the ability to quickly and efficiently change direction or strategic focus
  • Opens communication between employees and management
  • Decreases the level of absenteeism, presenteeism, burnout and turnover

Can Resilience Be Learned?

The resilience of an individual, family, team or organization isn’t fixed, it changes over time and can be developed to better handle challenge.

Stress arising from an adverse event can harm, or it can lead to growth in resilient organizations and individuals. Interventions can raise functioning to healthy or resilient levels.

Are Individual and Organizational Resilience Related?

Definitely! Resilience in individuals derives from a cluster of diverse internal strengths as well as an external social and physical environment that fosters growth and opportunities for success. At the same time, a resilient organization is not just a collection of resilient individuals. Organizational resilience emerges from the collective actions and interactions of these individuals within a climate of trust.

Leaders and managers play a key role in modeling resilience and creating a supportive team environment for individuals to thrive.

How Can ValueOptions®  Help?

We have a variety of strategies, tools and services that can help individuals, families, teams or organizations be resilient in times of need. Please visit our full Building Resilience: A Workplace Strategy website for a comprehensive look into resilience and the variety of plans and solutions we offer.

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